With more than 10 years experience in the energy equipment market including second-hand generation plants. We specialise in gas engines, diesel engines, biogas, gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors, auxiliary equipment and industrial machinery.

We have a wide network of national and international contacts and a wide portfolio of projects being implemented in more than 20 countries.

AAM GLOBAL, más de 15 años de experiencia

Biogas conversión & start-ups

We implement conversions from natural gas engines to biogas, landfill gas, and syngas.

We adapt the conversion to the necessary parameters of the process and the composition of the fuel, successfully achieving a high-performance rate from the equipment within the agreed budget.


We are specialists in inspections of motors, turbines and generators, using the latest tools, borescopes and drones.

100% of our equipment for sale is thoroughly inspected by a highly qualified technician.

We offer high-quality inspections, moving our technicians to where the equipment is located, making available detailed reports on the state of the equipment in different languages.


We offer advice tailored to the needs of our client, creating a close relationship between both parties with the purpose of achieving a common goal.

We strive to give new life to used equipment, offering our clients the very best solutions according to their needs.

Dismantling installations

We offer a comprehensive equipment and plant dismantling service, managing the following:

  • Administrative transactions
  • Dismantling projects
  • Licenses
  • Documentation on occupational and environmental risks.
  • Waste management
  • Dismantling

— Electrical disconnection and wiring labeling.
— Dismantling of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic installations.
— Mechanical dismantling
— High tonnage cranes
— Lifting and movement of equipment
— Truck and container loading

  • Packaging and shipping
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Packaging according to the fragility of parts.
  • Labelling
  • Transportation
  • Overland transportation
  • Special transport
  • Marine transport
  • Transport in containers of 20ft, 40ft, open top and high cube.

Power equipment and power plants

Equipos de generación eléctrica


Maquinaria industrial Industrial Machinery


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