Engineering for a Circular Economy

Let´s make a better world!


Energy assets specialists

Extensive experience in the acquisition and complete dismantling of electricity generation plants and associates processes management.

We reduce the carbon footprint, making conversions to fuels with lower CO2 emissions.

Dismantling with 100% re-use of equipment.

100% of the equipment intended for re-use

2.415 Tons of waste no generated

3.490 Tons of CO2 not emitted

Substancial increase in profit Useful life VS Scrap

What make us different?

  • We always work on projects in which we can provide added value
  • We carry out technological improvements in assets, extending their useful life
  • We practice to the pact for a circular economy from Ministry of Ecological Transmition
  • We know the final destination of all equipment
  • We issue a sustainability and reuse certificate
  • Higher economic return
  • Lower carbon footprint
Aznar Assets Management

Closing the loop!

Closing the loop!